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Our social management is based on the conviction and responsibility to contribute to the development and growth of the communities located in our areas of influence, taking into account that these efforts are strategic to obtain the social license that allows the execution of our operations.

It is also important that the communities understand our strategy based on education, care for the environment, strategic alliances and the family as key pillars of success and community development.

Through the Coquecol Foundation, we positively impact the communities near the areas of influence, understanding social management as a strategic pillar of the corporate purpose.

Currently, the Coquecol Group benefits more than 7,000 families through the development of 3 action lines: Support for entrepreneurship, management for environmental and social development in Cundinamarca, Boyaca and Norte de Santander.

Compromiso Social

Entrepreneurship Support

Productive and entrepreneurship

Gestión para el desarrollo ambiental

Environmental development Management

Reforestation and environment protection. Community training on natural rosources use


Social development

Programs to stimulate communication, culture, and sports. Professional development skills training for young population

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