The environmental management of the Coquecol Group is a highly relevant issue considering the nature of the activities and impacts we generate on resources and ecosystems where we operate, therefore, it is a central issue for our business management and is part of our DNA.
In this sense, our commitment to society and the environment is:

Identify and manage the environmental aspects and impacts of the operation.

Comply with environmental legislation and voluntary environmental commitments in the areas of influence.

Properly manage natural resources and make rational use of them.

Strengthen the environmental culture of all our stakeholders.

desempeño ambiental

Continuously improve environmental performance.

economia circular

Develop circular economy initiatives.

Implement strategies to mitigate climate change, manage water resources and protect biodiversity.

As part of our climate action strategy, we have developed activities and alliances to strengthen our commitment to fight climate change:

  • We have a tool to calculate our carbon footprint in every organization´s facilities.
  • We are part of the Emissions Reduction Mechanism association of Corpoboyaca and the Carbon Neutrality Program of the Ministry of the Environment. This has allowed us to reinforce our knowledge on the subject, learn about experiences in other industries and advance our commitment to reducing emissions, thus contributing to the national GHG reduction goals.

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